Basic Tips in Training Your Dog Effectively

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You just got your new dog and you love him so much. He is also very excited about his new home. After the initial excitement, it is time to train your new dog. This will require patience and hard work on your part. Even though this will not be easy, the end result will be well worth it. If you want some handy tips on training your new dog effectively, read over this article.

Every dog is different. The temperament and personality for every dog is unique. Even though you may have a dog training manual in front of you, do not expect your dog to behave as you would expect. It is important to be realistic about how much you can accomplish. Teach him no more than one command at a time, and be patient. Set aside a set time and place to train him. Initially, you should find a place where there are no distractions.

Dogs by nature are pack animals and they follow a pecking order. In a pack, there is always a leader, or the alpha dog. As the master, you take the role as the alpha dog, and you have to be consistent with this role. Establish your role early so your dog will be clear that he has to obey you. If the dog disobeys you, stand your ground and be firm. Give your command in a firm and steady voice, and look at your dog in the eye.

When you give a command, associate it with a specific hand motion as well. For instance, for the command “lie down”, you can hold one arm up in the air and lower your arm down as you give the command. This visual cue will be helpful to the dog as he learns the audio command. Make sure that you are consistent with the voice commands, and only associate one simple gesture with each command.

When your dog obeys your command successfully, be sure sure to give him a reward. This reward reinforces in your dog’s mind that he has done something right. In his head, he will remember that if he does responds the same way again, he will get another reward. Therefore, always keep treats in your pocket to reward positive behavior whenever possible.

Pay attention to your dog during your training sessions. Dogs can get tired, and when they do, they will lose their focus. Take a break when your dog looks tired. Give him some time to run around and play. Give your dog a lot of hugs and praise for doing such a good job.

You should try to train your dog as soon as he comes home. This will help the dog establish in his mind what is to be expected of him. Consistency is the key to success.

Training your dog is a continuous process. Just start slowly and be patient. Show your dog a lot of love. If you are consistent, your dog will be properly trained in no time.

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