Training Your Puppy In Five Easy Steps

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Do you need help with training your new puppy? Dog training is a lot of work but it will be easier to take care of your puppy once it is more obedient. Keep reading for some useful dog training tips.

You need to get started on dog training right away. Do not let your puppy get used to not being punished for a bad behavior or getting your dog to adopt good habits will be very hard. Every time your dog does something bad, you should say ‘no’ in a firm voice, put your dog in a corner and ignore it for fifteen minutes. Keep in mind that your dog will not remember the mischief it did earlier. Do not punish your dog if you come home and find a ruined carpet or some chewed shoes; you should instead wait to catch your dog in the act.

Use a lot of positive reinforcement to get your dog to understand what kind of behaviors you want to see. Praise your dog, pet it and give it some treats when it does something right. Use this method to get your dog to understand you expect it to do his business outside. You should also plan on spending some time to train your dog everyday. Spend about fifteen minutes at a time repeating an order and praising your dog when it performs the action you are expecting.

You should remain consistent and communicate what you want clearly. Your dog only understands what you want because of the tone of your voice and whether or not you give a treat. Be careful not to encourage bad behaviors by acknowledging them. For instance, if you open the door when your dog barks or yell, your dog will only see that you are acknowledging the barking. You should actually ignore the barking and let your dog go outside once the barking stops.

Establish a close bond with your dog by spending some quality time together, playing games and petting your puppy a lot. However, you need to be careful about how your dog perceives you. If you let your dog play fight with you, bite you gently, jump on you or if you get on the floor to play with your pet, you will not be considered as a master. Training your dog will be a lot easier if you establish yourself as a master by never interacting with your dog like another animal would.

It will be easier for your puppy to focus on the training sessions if you let it play and run for a while. Puppies are full of energy and need to spend most of their day playing and running. If you feel like you do not have your dog’s attention, go for a walk or take your dog to the park. If your dog has too much energy and never concentrates on what you are trying to teach it, you should consider taking it to a good obedience school.

These dog training tips will help you teach your dog to obey you. Go to an obedience school if you need some help.

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